“Discover How FREE Content and Unconventional Product Creation Strategies Can Easily Be Turned Into CASH!”
Even If You’ve Struggled in the Past or
Have NO Clue How to Get Started!

I have a couple questions for you…

  • Are you ready to permanently change the way you think about writing Kindle books?
  • Want to discover the secret to finding unlimited free content hiding on the web?
  • Do you desire to know the fastest & easiest way to put your next information product together?

It’s time for a paradigm shift.

If you’re like many entrepreneurs who are trying to get a foothold online, you likely struggle with creating your first (or next) information product or book. Whether it’s knowing:

  • WHAT to create…
  • Figuring out where to get the content you need…
  • Not knowing for SURE what all the steps are to “get it done.”

Chances are that, at one time or another (perhaps even now), you’re frustrated and dead in the water.

Ever notice how many so-called HOW-TO courses are great in telling you WHAT TO DO but fail miserably at SHOWING YOU HOW?

That changes right now!


Easy Product Expert

In this comprehensive, brand-new training series, you will discover how to create successful information products, books and more from an expert who has created HUNDREDS of successful information products, books and more. You will gain a laser sharp understanding of the exact processes necessary for creating the success you desire. And the best part? You will find out how to do it all using free content and some pretty unconventional product creation and marketing methods. As a matter of fact, you will see product creation in ways you’ve never considered before.

It’s time you discover how the pro’s crank out valuable content in record time that people can’t wait to buy from you. Over the course of this power-packed. content-rich 6-part Training Series, you can expect to discover how:

  • To rethink product creation in ways you may not have considered
  • Free content changes everything and why you MUST consider it
  • A giveaway product creation strategy can blow up your sales
  • To cash in on the new image craze
  • To cut through the crap to find the the BEST free content gold
  • Creating “Low Content” books can be a goldmine
  • To reinvent content to double, triple or even quadruple your sales

Our Module Training Schedule Includes:

  • Module One: Finding the BEST Content.
  • Module Two: Finding the Opportunities.
  • Module Three: Zero Content and Low Content Books.
  • Module Four: Image Product Strategies You’ll Love!
  • Module Five: Fast Products That People Actually Want.
  • Module Six: FREE Marketing Strategies That Work!
  • BONUS #1: Full Transcripts of ALL 6 Modules
  • BONUS #2: Public Domain Blueprint
  • BONUS #3: Public Domain Profit Strategies
  • BONUS #4: Designing for TeeSpring

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